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Our Yoga Teachers:

Vicky Veiga

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Vicky first started practicing yoga when her daughter reached the terrible twos, as a way to stay mentally sane whilst also taking care of her body. She quickly became hooked, this was not a transient relationship.

As the years passed she continued to practice more and more and slowly began teching. Practicing yoga is always the part of her day she most looks forward to, so it was a no-brainer to find a way to practice as much as possible, whilst sharing the love with you! Vicky teaches Hatha Vinyasa and Rocket Yoga .

She’s a RYT 200h in Ashtanga and is bilingual English and Spanish.


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Alexandros was following what seemed like a conventional path to becoming a Human Rights lawyer, with studies in England, France, and Belgium, and professional and volunteering work experience all around the world. Through Yoga, he found passion, was reminded of the meaning of life, and knew he had discovered a new platform and science through which he could be of service.

Now, with over a thousand hours of Yoga training and over a thousand additional hours of Yoga teaching under his belt, Alexandros promotes a safe practice that applies ancient and modern traditions to his students' current realities, so they may impersonate the Health and Happiness that constitute their very right and responsibility by virtue of their birth..

Alexandros teaches Raja Yoga and Forrest Yoga.



My yoga journey began while I was living in one of the busiest cities in the world - Mumbai - and craving to find a peaceful place to just be by myself. I instantly fell in love with yoga and ended up travelling and living in Buddhist Monasteries in Himalayas and Thailand, embarking into Vipassana 10 days silence meditation experience, spending time in Osho Meditation Resort in Pune and after 3 years returning again back to India to deepen my knowledge as a yoga teacher.



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Tara attended her first yoga class at 18yrs of age and soon after travelled to India to intensify her study in the art and science of yoga.  She qualified as an Iyengar yoga teacher in 2006 and brings over 13yrs of teaching experience with her to Glow Yoga.  

Over the years she has studied a number of multidisciplinary spiritual traditions most notably the Shamanic and Buddhist paths as well practicing under the tutelage of many masterful yoga and somatic therapy practitioners: Donna Farhi, Scaravelli, The Lamasery Exercises, Blandine Calais-Germain, Feldenkrais, Andrei Ram, Tara Judelle and Elena Brower.  


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Betsy completed her 200 hour teacher training in India with The Yoga People and her advanced teacher training (500 hours) with renowned teacher His focus in on anatomy, precision and mindfulness has hugely influenced Betsy's style. She has 20 years of anatomy training, has coached several sports and is one of only a handful of teachers in the world with a certification in Sports Yoga, having trained with Sarah Ramsden, trainer to Manchester United FC and other elite teams. She currently teaches Yin Yoga at Glow.

Betsy has a truly unique style and her philosophy is straightforward: to help her students get more balanced in body, breath and brain, avoid injury and feel a bit (or a lot) more awesome.

Lina Jureviciute


Lina is a RYT - 200h Ashtanga/ Vinyasa trained yoga instructor. She is currently based in Barcelona but is a big adventurer - happy to travel all around the world, together with her yoga mat of course! 

The lovely Lina teaches our Yin and Yang candlelit classes.


Agustín Burton


Agus embarked on his yoga journey in Argentina when, after a personal crisis, he needed to find myself again. It was then that he discovered the benefits of yoga, and not just on the mat, but in every aspect of his life

Agustin practices Reiki, performs Thai Massages and practices Vinyasa in Jivamukti. He is bilingual in Spanish and English.


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Maria used to be a dancer until she found yoga and learned how to use her body in a creative, flexible and strong way. Maria has been practicing since age 18, beginning her yogic journey with ashtanga, eventually also expanding her teaching to Hatha Vinyasa, in which she is 200h certified.

Irene Alda

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Hi, I'm Irene! I'm finishing a doctorate in experimental physics and I'm a yogi-passionate; I've been teaching yoga since I was 21 years old. To this day, I have formed with Yoga Alliance in 500 hours of vinyasa flow with Meghan Currie, Talia Sutra, Shiva Rea, Koya Webb, Bryce yoga, Simon Park, and Patrick Beach, who inspire my practice daily.

My vinyasa flow classes are intense and fluid, creating strength, flexibility and with time to play and experimental. My explanations are straightforward, giving the student space to maintain an introspective look and I include assists and elements of Thai massage. Come practice with me! I teach Power Yoga.



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Carlos, our super friendly Handstand Master, is a renowned personal trainer and now a part of the Glow family!

Handstands is priced weekly class where you will learn to invert and flow easily into and out of your handstands, come over, it’s



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Lidiya fell in love with Acroyoga in 2012 and four years later left her software development career in the Silicon Valley to share her passion with others. She completed numerous trainings including Acroyoga teacher training with Partner Acrobatics in 2016 and with VanCity Acro in 2018.

She started practicing Acroyoga in her thirties without previous gymnastics, or yoga experience and specializes in helping adults get started with Acroyoga. She is dedicated to helping people find joy, self-empowerment, and fitness through movement, human connection, laughter, and play.


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'Yoga gives me energy and strength like nothing before.

I started Yoga to become a better climber, to avoid injuries and gain flexibility.

But soon, I realised that there was much more than that.

I remained fascinated about how I was able to connect my mind with my body, how I feel energised and relaxed at the same time.

Now I just want to enrich my knowledge and share it with whom is ready for this challenge.'