Open Doors Day at Glow Yoga Barcelona - Free classes

Our yoga studio in Barcelona will be opening its doors again August 31st!

Yoga Barcelona English

Our studio is opening its doors to you in a couple of Saturdays, so you can come and see what all the hullaballo is about! We are hosting three classes:

đź’•August 31, 2019

đź’•First one at 15:00 (Power Yoga with Vicky)

đź’•Second one at 17:00 (Forrest Yoga with Alexandros)

đź’•Third one at 19:00 (Yin Yoga with Betsy)

Please note that these classes are first come first serve. Also note that we will be recording these classes for using on social media etc, so wear your flashiest garb to class! We have yoga mats, blocks, straps, candles, palo santo, fantastic karma… what else could you need?

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