Yoga Class in Barcelona - A class that focuses on the Core

Core Yoga Class:

The core in yoga is not something that we work on to get washboard abs. This pivotal part of our body is both seen as both a precise physical as well as an energetic space. The core is where the manipura chakra is homed, a place to be worked with both asana and mental attention. In this class we will work not just the superficial layers of the core but go a lot deeper into the bandhas ("body locks" in Hatha Yoga), more specifically Mula Bandha, and Uddiyana bandha.

core yoga barcelona.jpg

A strong core can help you avoid common injuries in yoga and will cultivate intelligence and strength beyond the mat. It will protect your organs and help you find the willpower you need to lead a life of purpose. It will also help you float in and out of inversions more easily (and safely).

We are now holding a class every Friday that works on not just activating your core but using it intelligently throughout your asana practice. This class lasts 60’.

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Victoria Veiga