Essene Meditation - Workshop with Erin Rose Greene

Meditation workshop barcelona

Renowned yoga teacher Erin Rose Greene has been spiritual since birth, she is an astrologer and tarot reader who first discovered the transformative power of yoga in 2001. She received 200 hours of Progressive Ashtanga and 50 hours of Rocket certification with David C. Kyle in 2013.  She sees the physical practice as a way of clearing channels in preparation for and openness to connection with the divine whole.

Essene Meditation, coming from the Essene people of Jesus’s time, and allegedly recorded in the dead sea scrolls.  Meditation has become another important tool along the way, identifying and diminishing obstacles in thinking patterns to make room for purely channeled truth.  This is not a special ability, it is one that each and every one of us possesses. It only takes tools, technique and time.

Date: Friday 19th April

Time: 19h - 21h 

Where: Glow, c/ Volta de la Perdiu 2, 08003 Barcelona

Price: 30€

This event will begin with a Gentle Restorative Practice followed by a Meditation Workshop. This is part of our Urban Retreat, comprised of this event plus our Mantra Workshop (15€ April 20) and our Adjustments Workshop (30€ April 21), or book all three for an entire weekend retreat for 50€.

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The particular technique that will be detailed in this workshop involves

💜How to ground yourself

💚What are the 7 basic chakras, or energy centers of the body, and why do I need to know?

💛Self regeneration techniques to energize and replenish yourself

🧡Learning to receive

Side effects include and are not limited to:

Expanded Awareness
Self assuredness

Increased Creativity
Mental Acuity

Our Yoga Studio in Barcelona awaits you!