Yoga & Live Music - Divine Feminine in collaboration with Stav

yoga and live music barcelona

A sensually strong approach to aligning the body and mind

Divine Feminine is a worldwide initiative founded in 2019 on the principles of growth, collaboration and strength through connection with the sacred creative power within all of us.

A special Sunday evening event to deeply relax the body and open the mind. By aligning the body and mind through music and movement we experience harmony and connection with the group as well.

Date: Every Sunday

Time: 18:30

Where: Glow, c/ Volta de la Perdiu 2, 08003 Barcelona

Price: 10€ (you may use your class pack).

Our mission is to create a world where a more fulfilling life is made possible by discovering and nurturing the feminine power within each of us, male or female, and by observing how much more powerful we become when united as a collective.

💕1.5 hour yoga class

💕Mini meditation

We seek to unite people on a personal level, build genuine relationships and grow communities that inspire, empower and achieve the full potential of each, individually and together.

Stav is a neuroscientist who studied the effects of sound vibrations on the brain. Creating mood through music is his passion.

We can’t wait to see you on the mat and share this transformative experience with our beautiful Glowies 💕

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