Valentine's Day Special Partner Class With Vicky

Come with your best friend or partner for a dynamic hatha vinyasa yoga class.

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In this class, we will explore both the need for trust as well as setting healthy boundaries. Be prepared for lots of shenanigans! If you do not have a partner come anyway! We will pair you up with a fellow fantastic Glow yogi. If you aren’t in a rush, stay awhile and have a little glass of vino at the studio and mingle after class!

Date: February 14, 2019
18:30 - 19:45
Glow Yoga, c/ Volta de la Perdiu 2, 08003 Barcelona.
Price: 10€ (this is not a masterclass, you can use your subscription or voucher, yay!)

In this yoga class , we will:

  • Stoke our internal fire through a vigorous and dynamic vinyasa flow,

  • Work on deeper stretches than we’re used to when we do not practice with a partner,

  • Work on our fourth chakra (Anahata) that relates to opening your heart and broadening your capacity to love,

  • Build trust (in yourself and in others) through an inversion practice, and

  • Establish the need for boundaries (both for yourself and for those whose lives you affect).

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