Yoga Barcelona - The Best Outdoor Places to Practice

While the exhilaration of practicing in a yoga studio setting is awesome, the energy both dynamic and magnetic, having a home practice will help you be ready to bust a move when your mind needs it the most. But what if your home is less than ideal? You may live in a noisy building, or flat share. Sometimes the need to get on the mat doesn’t come at the best time.

Here we have compiled some cool spots you can practice yoga in Barcelona in, that aren’t in a studio or class setting:

1) The beach: Barcelona has endless kilometers of beach to practice in. Even during the coldest months of the year, you’d be surprised how much heat is generated from the sun shining off the sand, and sunshine is rarely missing in our city. Be mindful: For those of you who do not enjoy the feeling of sand between your fingers and toes, you may want to avoid practicing yoga at the beach in the winter, when rinsing off is not terribly appealing.

Yoga Outdoors Barcelona

2) Ciutadella Park: This is a fantastic place to come practice yoga. If it’s your thing, set up near a drum circle for the added “live music” component. If Barcelona has one thing to offer, it’s endless amounts of street musicians. It’s in the beautiful Borne neighborhood, not far from out studio. If your feet get a bit grassy there are a few clean water fountains to rinse off, one right in front of the large waterfall monument. Be mindful: Unfortunately this is a place frequented by pickpockets, so don’t bring your valuables.


3) Bunkers del Carmel: Once a pivotal location during the Spanish Civil War for the unique vantage point in the city, there is a special atmosphere in this iconic spot. The scenery is nothing like it, you will get a beautiful sunrise or sunset photo, guaranteed. You can see the entire city while you practice yoga, a very empowering feeling. Be mindful: Try to leave before it is completely dark as the walk down is a bit rocky and we don’t want you to slip!


4) Montjuic’s Teatre Grec: This is an actual greek open-air theater! Yes, it looks exactly like you just imagined it in your head, with beautiful statuesque columns and a dramatic backdrop of flora. The best way to get there is to take the cable car from Parallel metro station, a unique experience on its own. Be mindful: It gets super chilly in Montjuic in the colder months. If you’re okay with that, you may actually get the place to yourself, which is a bonus!

There are so many cool outdoor spots to practice yoga in Barcelona!!!


5) Pretty much everywhere else, too: Barcelona is super yoga friendly and no one will bat an eye if you bust a move in a park or local plaza. If you feel like you can’t hold it in, then don’t. In fact, the capacity to tune the outside world out and let go of shame are both valuable skills to have.